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Half-Cent Sales Tax Going To A Vote

Special Election June 13 In Kimball

A special election will be held in June for voters to decide on a ½ cent infrastructure sale tax.

Kimball City Council members approved in a 3-0 vote to put the ½ cent sales tax on the ballot. Voting for the measure were Gabe Ingram, Creg Pike and Don Muench.

The council instructed legal counsel to draft the language and prepare the ballot language for the March meeting.

The Kimball County Clerk's Office said that the special election would be held Tuesday, June 13, with additional details to follow.

In reference to the ballot sale tax issue, Councilwoman Christy Warner said, "As we move towards future growth, it will be important to take advantage of sales tax such as the Infrastructure Tax. It provides a way for every person who comes through town and purchases items to help us pay for improvements instead of relying on property tax, which burdens only the local residents."

In other business, the Kimball Post Prom Committee requested $1,000 of Keno money for the activities after the prom.

Superintendent Trevor Anderson introduced the students Jessica Terrill and Aspyn Kiefer to explain the activities. The council approved their request.

Two additional Keno funds were requested.

Tiffany LaBeau asked for $3,500 for the Feral Cat program.

The council tabled the request due to questions if the funds were to come out of the budget or Keno Funds.

In her request, LaBeau's said the funds would be used to trap 60 feral cats to be fixed and vaccinated. Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals will travel to Kimball to trap, vaccinate, fix, and release the cats.

Positive Spaces was represented by Nate and Heather Entingh, providing more documentation for their previously approved Keno request. Positive Spaces has proposed adding two new multilevel fountains to the parks this summer.

Under other current business Zelle, the city's human resources firm, presented the revised and updated employee handbook.

Ordinances No. 815 and 816 were approved, which rezone 315 Road 43E and 309 S. Webster.

There were no mayor's report and no city administrator's report.

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