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$179,000 In Grants Go To Kimball Recycling And Waste Reduction Efforts

The City of Kimball and Keep Kimball Beautiful received more than $172,000 in grants to combat waste and litter reduction and help with recycling and scrap tire cleanups.

Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy announced $7 million in grants to 140 different projects throughout the state.

Spud Rowley from Kimball Recycling and Keep Kimball Beautiful said that the recycling, public education and waste reduction were "fully funded" this year for $117,000; all three of those areas play a role in obtaining grants for Kimball.

Keep Kimball Beautiful received grant money for funds to help with Waste Reduction, Recycling Incentives, Public Education and Litter Reduction.

The alley bins are part of the waste reduction, and "everyone wants a bin in their alley," Rowley said. The facility operation on west Highway 30 is the centerpiece for the recycle grant funding.

Public education will focus on educational programs on recycling in Kimball and Banner County schools and summer programs.

The City of Kimball received $56,348 for the cleanup of 250 tons of scrap tires. The funds for scrap tire cleanup are generated from a $1 fee on new tires purchased in Nebraska.

These funds also will be used to reimburse the cost of products made from scrap tires, including artificial turf, football, soccer, baseball and softball fields, tracks, and playground surfaces.

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