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Fund Would Help Kimball With Growth

Hardin Introduces Bill That Would Benefit Panhandle During Missile Project

LB 712, known as Create the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent Deployment Fund, was introduced by Sen. Brian Hardin of 48th District that includes the Kimball area. Sen. Steve Erdman from the 47th District, along with six other senators, have signed onto the bill that would benefit Kimball and the Panhandle during the missile project.

LB 712 was read for the first time on Jan. 18 in the 108th Legislative First Session, and a hearing will be held on Feb. 23.

At the Kimball City Council meeting on Tuesday, Suzanne Brodine from Olsson presented a update on LB 712. Brodine said the bill was introduced “on behalf of Kimball and the entire Panhandle.”

She said the “current bill that was introduced, sets aside $26 million for infrastructure, for law enforcement, for housing, childcare, all of these items that are necessary to help support these communities, Kimball specifically, as you are anticipating the influx of population.”

Brodine said there is lots of support in the Unicameral for LB712, and they feel that it will become a priority bill.

According to LB712, $26 million will be transferred by the State Treasurer from the Cash Reserve Fund to the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent Deployment Fund when the act becomes effective.

The bill states that “the fund shall be used for grants to support incorporated municipalities and the extraterritorial jurisdiction of incorporated municipalities to address deficiencies in community infrastructure, transportation, schools, health care facilities, law enforcement and emergency response, recreation, or workforce development to support the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent Deployment and Minuteman III Decommissioning and Disposal Accommodation if the State of Nebraska is selected as the site for the headquarters.”

It further states that “the Adjutant General shall administer the fund. The fund shall consist of transfers by the Legislature and any gifts, grants, or bequests from any source for such purposes, including federal, state, public, and private sources. Any money in the fund available for investment shall be invested by the state investment officer pursuant to the Nebraska Capital Expansion Act and the Nebraska State Funds Investment Act.”