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KCTS To Lease Vans From County

Commissioners OK Plan For Six Ford 350 EL Vans

The Kimball County Commissioners on Tuesday approved an agreement between Kimball County and Kimball County Transit Service to lease six new transit vehicles.

All six vehicles are 2022 Ford 350 EL vans, ranging in price from $190,991.52 to $205,225.92.

The total lease payments will amount to $1,185,804 over a period of three years for the six 10-passenger transit vans.

While KCTS will lease the vehicles from Kimball County, according to the projected income, the county will reap $343,422.61 over the period of three years. This would be the total profit after expenses.

A resolution was passed for the excess funds from the lease program to “be placed in a reserve account for future transit rolling stock, operations or capital improvement project at the sole discretion of the Kimball County Board of Commissioners each budget year or as otherwise allowed by law.”

As an update on the transit, Christy Warner, KCTS administrator, explained that the long-awaited reimbursements from the federal and state government had come in.

More than $220,000 has been reimbursed from October and November. Currently, the federal and state governments are 30 days behind reimbursing the transit instead of 90 days.

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