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Kimball County Up To Bat To Reorganize

Here’s A Look At What They’ll Be Doing

Due to no agenda items, the Kimball City Council will not meet on the evening of Tuesday, Jan. 3, for its bi-monthly meetings.

In December, the council and mayor went through the reorganizational process. Now, in January, the county will reorganize.

The county will start the New Year off with a mandated reorganizational meeting.

Nebraska Statute 23-156 states that “The board of county commissioners at its regular meeting in January of each year shall elect a chairman of the board to serve for the ensuing year, and such chairman shall sign all warrants on the treasurer for money to be paid out of the county treasury.”

On Jan. 5, officials will take their oath of office, and the Kimball County Board of Commissioners will meet to elect the chairman and vice chairman, setting meeting dates, agenda deadlines and a recording policy.

In addition, they will designate the publication for notification for meetings and public notices.

Generally, at this first meeting, commissioner’s appointments will be considered and split up, including Region 21 Emergency Management, Aging Office, Human Development, SPNRD, Community Action Partnership, and Public Health, just to name a few.

Local areas of concern are also divided up, ranging from tourism, building and grounds, highway department, veteran service, county hospital, county manor, transit service and zoning.

County board appointments are reappointed when the term has expired, including the Extension board, hospital board, Park and Rec board, and Visitors Center, to name a few.