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New Housing Remains Key Issue

City Council Could Vote Nov. 15 On Annexation

The Nov. 1 Kimball City Council meeting opened with a postponement of a public hearing and a postponement of a vote on Ordinance No. 807 – for the proposed annexation of the Warner/Substation Property south of Horseshoe Hill area.

The ordinance is expected to be voted on at the Nov. 15 meeting.

The council switched to current business, which included a discussion of Ordinance No. 811 regarding the discharge of firearms.

City Attorney Matt Turman told the council that the changes would clean up language and make the ordinance more up to date. Changes include the discharge of firearms for military rites, military ceremonies and self-defense. The chief of police can also provide individuals with special exemptions or permission.

The three readings of the ordinance were suspended, and No. 811 was approved.

The housing study was the next order of business. Councilwoman Christy Warner reviewed and explained the housing study done by Western Nebraska Economic Development. Kimball had the most responses of all the communities that participated in the study.

The study said that Kimball needed 22 houses in the next five years, although Warner did not think it was an accurate statement.

Warner said, “It was noted that they didn’t feel that Clean Harbors or the hospital had enough information to accurately put our housing needs in line, and they are supposed to do an amendment.

“We do actually have developers who need to see the report. So at this point, I think it behooves us to have our own independent housing study done, as we know that Clean Harbors and the hospital just to name two, and there are others. We definitely need more than 22 houses built.”

The council approved a housing study to be done.

Nov. 15 is the next City Council meeting.