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30 Feral Cats In Kimball Could Be Fixed In One Weekend

The feral cat problem was once again on the Kimball City Council agenda.

Tiffany LaBeau, the founder of Kimball's Trap Neuter Release, said the City of Kimball approved her fund request to help 30 feral cats.

The council approved $2,500 of Keno Funds for this program.

From Nov. 12-14, volunteers from Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals will trap 30 cats and have them spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and treated for fleas, wounds and infections. These adult cats will be returned to Kimball with a tipped ear for identification purposes, and the kittens will be re-homed.

At the council meeting, LaBeau said, "Now we have an opportunity to fix 30 cats all in one weekend, so what I've done in a whole year we can get done in a weekend."

LaBeau said that last year she trapped, spayed, or neutered and vaccinated 28 cats and re-homed eight kittens.

Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals has requested that people not feed the feral cats for two days before trapping them, ensuring that they will be hungry.

Specific feral cat locations in Kimball have been identified, and LaBeau will help direct the volunteers to these areas.

LaBeau suggested that a project like this could be done two or three times during the year to get a handle on the feral cat population.

The council expressed interest in making the feral cat project a budget item for next year.

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