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Council Cracks Down On Dogs

Owners Of Loud Hounds Will Be Fined

The Kimball City Council heard the first and only reading of Ordinance No. 809 – Barking Dogs and Chasing Dogs – at the Oct. 18 meeting.

The ordinance states that an individual will be fined no greater than $250 for the first offense of a loud and howling dog that disturbs the peace, but the second offense in a year is more expensive and the third offense may cost up to $1,000.

The ordinance includes any person harboring a dog who molests, attacks or snaps at people. The previous dog ordinance was dated 1992 and was antiquated. According to city attorney Matt Turman, #809 “makes it much easier to actually follow through on those complaints and clean up the language.” The three readings were suspended, and the ordinance was passed.

The council passed the third reading for the annexation of the area known as Janicek Dam and the Dog Park.

Another area is in the process of annexation, and the council conducted a public hearing and the first reading of Ordinance #807, which includes the Kimball Substation Property, as well as two additional tracts owned by Ann and Jim Warner, totalling a little over 60 acres. This annexation is considered a “volunteer annexation.” The area is directly south of Horseshoe Hill. There will be two more readings of #807.

In other business, the street department received approval to purchase a 2004 International Dump Truck for snow removal, the police department received approval to buy an additional pick-up from Wolff Automotive, and council added a fourth CAT 2.0-megawatt generator for $20,400.

Repairs were approved for City of Kimball Well #86-1, which is the main well for the city and runs 24/7, 365 days a year, with the last date of major repairs being 2004. The other two wells are running good and #86-1 needs the pump rebuilt, costing $69,556.00. Cahoy Pump has no projected timeline for receiving the necessary parts.

Finally, improvements to Gotte Park were discussed with no actions taken, and additional discussion centered on hiring an engineer to determine if the ditch in Gotte Park was necessary or if it could be filled in.

Hays Contracting estimate of $6,950 was approved to put concrete around the area by the Veteran’s Wall in Gotte Park.

The next CityCouncil meeting will be Nov. 1 at 6 p.m.

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