By Daria Anderson-Faden
The Observer 

Clean Harbors Seeks Approval

Request Is To Continue Preparation Work For New Incinerator


July 21, 2022

Daria Anderson-Faden

Clean Harbors Inc., located five miles south of Kimball on Highway 71, is in the process of obtaining approval from the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy for the infrastructure for a new rotary kiln incinerator.

On July 11, Clean Harbors Inc. submitted an Approval to Construct Request to the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy.

This request is to continue construction for the implementation of the new rotary kiln incinerator infrastructure.

The projected completion date for the new rotary kiln incinerator is mid-2024. The approval to submit to NDEE allows Clean Harbors to continue the existing construction activities for the areas of the new incinerator layout.

According to Alyssa King from Clean Harbors, there are many different stages to the construction of the incinerator and lots of coordination between the contractors.

Currently, Clean Harbors operates a fluidized bed incinerator, and the new rotary kiln incinerator is a different technology and has additional capabilities, according to King.


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