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City Looks At Noise Ordinance

The Kimball City Council is examining a noise control ordinance.

On Tuesday, June 21, the council members were supplied with a noise control ordinance from Lincoln, which covers everything from definitions of decibel to motorcycle and muffler definitions. The ordinance addresses administration of a noise control program, noise disturbances prohibited, motorized vehicles and motorcycles on public right-a-ways, as well as penalties. A noise ordinance draft will be prepared for the next meeting.

No action was taken by the council in response to a request to re-install the barricades at Gotte Park. Speed bumps have been put in to slow traffic going from the park to Adams Street or Fourth Street.

In an easy vote, Jaclyn Burks was approved to take the seat of Pat O’Brien on the Park & Recreation Operating Board. O’Brien has moved outside the city limits and his seat required city residency.

Long-time manager of the Handyman Project, Wendy Baker, explained the changes and that she will no longer be in charge of the program. The Office of Aging will take over the contracted Handyman Project as of July 1. The program will continue but it will be operated by the Aging Office.

Jordan Autrey, secretary of the Kimball Volunteer Fire Department, notified the city council that Andrew Lawson and Blake Pigot had been added to the active rolls as new members.

A public hearing on the application for a Class C liquor license for Ondori International Foods dba Ondori Raman, 114 S. Chestnut St., Kimball, lasted only one minute and the council approved action on the application.

Street Superintendent Jim Shoup received a bid for a chip and seal project. The bid came in higher than anticipated for the four areas to be chip sealed. The areas are south Oak St., 9th Street south to the new asphalt, CR 43 E. 3rd St. south to end of the gravel, east of CR 43 to end, and East State St. CR 41 east to end of north Myrtle St. with the total cost of $99,334.63.

Noticeable improvements are needed in the downtown area, and the council approved a bid from Hays Contracting for the downtown sidewalk revitalization and repair and making two handicapped spots.

After a discussion, Economic Development Director Melinda Pearson was approved in a 2-1 vote as Building Inspector/Building Official per City, International Residential Code and International Building Code.

Pearson said, “One of the things that I think is going to be a challenge for everyone is to establish the same level of expectation for everyone in town and that, you know, is kind of new. The state building code is the building code for Kimball. Because the Kimball code in the book says 2006, the state of Nebraska says if you are outside that two year window, then you have to use the state building code. Kimball has to use the 2018 code.”

She continued, “Commercially, people understand that, and I think going forward, everyone has to have the same requirements and that’s maybe not always been here for new construction, I don’t know.”

City Administrator Anette Brower reported that Dollar General’s curb, gutters, and ADA parking has been completed.

She also said a developer has approached the city with interest of building more homes in town, evergreen lots are moving forward, the permit process is being finalized, and the rate studies are completed.

July 19 is the next scheduled meeting for the Kimball City Council.