Observations all along the line - Kimball & the Southern Panhandle First


Jared Anton

Nebraska Wesleyan Black and Gold Scholarship (16,000)

Nebraska Wesleyan Campus Visit Scholarship (1,000)

WNCC Sidney Campus Potter Community Grand Marshal Scholarship in Honor of Phil & Evie Miller (1,000)

WNCC Sidney Campus Joe Hargreaves (500)

Merrill and Ruby Belgum Memorial Trust Scholarship

Niko Koon

WNCC Board of Governors Scholarship (6000)

WNCC Outstanding Leadership Scholarship(400)

WNCC Sidney Campus Don & Imogene Enevoldsen Scholarship (1,000)

WNCC Sidney Campus Greg and Linda Huck Scholarship (500)

Al Combs Memorial Scholarship (300)

Ana Manning

Potter-Dix HS Salutatori...