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Commissioners Address Various Road Matters


May 5, 2022

Daria Anderson-Faden

Linda Williams was surprised at Tuesday's Kimball County Commissioners meeting when she received a plaque for 35 years of service with the sheriff's office. County board Chairman Larry Engstrom presented Williams with the plaque.

Kimball County Highway Superintendent Randy Bymer reported to the County Commissioners on Tuesday about the activities of the road department, which have included "blading in between windstorms and graveling roads."

Bymer said that notifications have been placed in the Observer about the irrigation/sprinklers spraying water on the roadway and on the tree planting.

In a short discussion, new signage was approved by the commissioners to put an "advanced warning 40 mph speed limit" sign coming from the south on Highway 71 into Kimball. An advanced warning sign does not require a traffic stud...

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