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Colts & Fillies Learn A Bit About Bits And Bridles

The Colts and Fillies 4-H club held its monthly meeting at the 4-H building, Sunday, March 27th. President Emily Whitney led the meeting with 12 members present.

During the meeting vice president Rachel Burger gave a demonstration on different kinds of equine bits, for her Level ll testing, which corresponded with the purpose of the meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to learn more about bits and bridles.

Going with the theme, Mia Varra and Austin West talked about leverage in bits and how it affects communicating with your horse. They also talked about what bits and related tack are accepted to show at the fair.

After that, club leader LaValla Reher talked about the quarter system in showmanship and halter classes and differences between some of the horse show classes at the fair.

Finally, the members consulted with LaValla about their bridles to see if they were up to the right standards to show with at the fair.

New members are always welcome! If you or someone you know would like to become a member of the Colts and Fillies 4-H Club, please contact Lavalla Reher at  307-220-1858 or Mia Varra at 970-988-9877.

Remember, a golden bit doesn't make the horse any better.