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Why Do Folks Move Here? Cost Of Living, Home Prices, Relaxed Lifestyle

As the housing market has skyrocketed in neighboring Colorado, the lower home prices, cost of living and relaxed life style in the western part of Nebraska have become appealing to a select number of people that western Nebraska has welcomed.

The Potter area seemed like an excellent place to settle down after she retired from the Bayfield, Colo. Cathy Moats has been a Potter resident for two months, and she can't say enough good things about her new choice of a hometown.

She said, "I wanted to find a home and retire on my Social Security."

Her son lives in the Fort Collins area, and she looked at small condos there, but the prices were prohibitive. She couldn't find anything she felt like she could afford.

So, Moats widened her search and found a house in Potter.

"Everybody has been so welcoming," she said. "It has been a great experience."

Moats credits Potter Village Clerk Melissa Gorsuch with making her feel so at home. She has answered any and all questions and even asked her to help with Potter Days.

Most people coming from a larger area would miss some services – Moats said she maybe misses the closeness to shopping, but that doesn't even seem to be an issue as she continues to talk.

"I bought my house on the phone," she said – not quite the words of a big shopper.

Even though she lives in Potter, she loves the library in Kimball and has thoroughly enjoyed taking her Corgi to Oliver Lake and is looking forward to fishing at Oliver.

Moats credits her adventuresome spirit to helping make the move easier. She said she "has enjoyed the adventure." Moats is not afraid to get out and meet people.

She put up a poster at the Kimball Public Library to try to find people to play pickleball. She now goes to Pine Bluffs once a week to play in a pickleball group.

Her friends from her previous residence asked her, "Do you know anyone there?" But then they answered their question with, "She can talk to a fence post."

This move has been perfect for her, and she said she "wants people to know how much she likes it here." Moats said she "has gotten to know so many terrific people."

"You just gotta love small towns," she said. "It makes life meaningful."

And she loves the laid-back lifestyle.

Then there's the true test of living in western Nebraska,

"Go Big Red!"

Moats said her uncles were huge Husker fans all of her life.