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New-Look Board In Place

Kimball School Board Officers Named; Goals Set For The New Year

Three newly elected school board members took their seats Monday at the January meeting of the Kimball School Board. The three new members – Albert Hargreaves, Lanny Little and Chauncey Pedersen – joined Tom O'Brien, Matt Shoup and Travis Cook on the Kimball School Board.

Matt Shoup was elected president, vice-president Travis Cook, Treasurer-Chauncey Pedersen and Secretary Tom O'Brien.

Yearly agenda items were tended to in quick fashion. Appointment to board committees, appointment of school media affiliates, appointment of school financial affiliates and the appointment of superintendent as District Representative for Federal Programs were finalized unanimously.

As with every meeting, the board reviewed a number of board polices. Policies 404.01, 404.02, 404.04, 404.05 and 404.06 deal with personnel and terms of employment, the entire board voted in the affirmative as they reviewed them.

Counselor and coach Wade Brashear's mid-year resignation was accepted and approved by the board, while Kevin Thomas' contract for that position was approved.

Although the Continuous School Improvement Report will not be provided to the board until next month, they are currently working on their four goals:

#1 To implement the Marzano Instructional Framework, an evidence-based instruction model, with fidelity throughout the district.

#2 To develop and implement a curriculum guide that will ensure a viable, guaranteed curricula, which is aligned to our state standards, for all students across grade levels.

#3 The district will provide opportunities for collaboration among staff and continuous reflection of instruction and student learning.

#4 To ensure the protection of instructional time in order to guarantee that students will be actively involved in learning throughout all scheduled instructional hours.

The superintendent's report included information about the highly anticipated COVID-19 vaccine for the staff. All staff members are eligible and it appears that the vaccine will be available to educators between mid-January to March. Superintendent Anderson also reported that activities have resumed and they are permitting 50% capacity in the gymnasium for activities.

In addition, the Nebraska Department of Education Civil Right Compliance Review was received. Anderson's report said, "The NDE staff was very complementary of our students and staff that were interviewed as they noted that, 'Kimball Junior/Senior High School is a very caring and accepting school and Kimball Junior/Seniors High School is a great place to work and learn.' "

New and old board members have upcoming educational opportunities. A video conference on legislative issues is available and a board work session is scheduled for Jan. 27.

President Shoup encouraged the all school members to carefully read the Code of Conduct/Code of Ethics.

The next regular board meeting is scheduled for Feb. 8 at 6:30 pm.

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