Observations all along the line - Kimball & the Southern Panhandle First


Plucky Pooch Found After 5 Day, 4 Mile Hike

'Twas the day after Christmas

And all through the town,

They searched and they searched

But she couldn't be found.

Dear Midgey had wandered

Away from her home,

And now she was out there

Cold, scared and alone!

Poor Midgey's half blind,

And half deaf and she's old.

How could she survive

In the snow and the cold??

She roamed and she rambled

No doubt full of fear.

In hopes that her family

Soon would appear.

But try as they may

And try as they might,

Old Midgey was lost

Many days and cold nights!

Then just when it seemed

As if all hope was fading,

Along came the message

On which they'd been waitin...

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