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First English Lutheran Serves123 Thanksgiving Meals To Those In Need

The First English Lutheran Church had a long list of reservations for its annual Thanksgiving dinner and the calls continued to come in even on Thanksgiving Day.

Church member Diana Engstrom said, "It was hard to plan this year."

That was due to COVID-19 and, of course, the weather is always difficult to plan for. But this year's meals were either delivered or picked up for carryout. There was no dining on site.

The members of the First English Lutheran Church started early Thanksgiving Day by deboning the already cooked turkeys and prepping for the noon surge of pickups or deliveries. The eight, 20 pound-turkeys were prepared along with dressing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, gravy and pie.

While serving 123 meals for the 2020 Thanksgiving, they did run out of dressing and sweet potatoes but were generous with turkey and pies for the final meals.

The church funds the "outreach meal" through church donations and a donation of $250 from Thrivent Financial. Profits from the meals are usually dispersed to community projects. The church council will make those decisions.

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