By Daria Anderson-Faden
The Observer 

31 Active Cases In County

Commissioner-elect Stander Describes His Virus Experience


November 5, 2020

Recovering from COVID-19, Kimball County Commissioner-elect Carl Stander of Kimball said, “I was flat on my back for 12 days, sleeping 20 hours a day, getting up only to drink lots of fluids, use the bathroom and check my temperature and oxygen level.”

He continued, “I have never been that sick in my life.”

Prior to getting COVID-19, Stander thought he was being careful by using sanitizer, social distancing and sometime wearing a mask, but it wasn’t enough and he has no idea where he picked up the virus.

Stander’s words of wisdom are: “Everyone needs to be responsible. Don’t think you can’t get it.”

Stander said he is slowly getting stronger and is about 40% to 50% back to normal, but it will continue only if he takes it easy.

In other COVID-19 news, Points West Bank in Kimball closed its lobby doors last Thursday but the drive-thru has remained open.

The Kimball State Bank lobby also was closed, as was as the FirsTier Bank lobby. Drive-thru is open on both of those banks.

Panhandle Public Health District on Tuesday reported 31 active cases in Kimball County.

Other counties in the Panhandle are experiencing much larger numbers: Scotts Bluff County 824 active cases, Cheyenne County 61 active cases and Box Butte 72 active cases.

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services listed 31 cases as the last 14-day total in Kimball County.

The DHHS has six rules to keep Nebraska healthy for the next 21 days: Stay home when possible, socially distance at your work, shop weekly and alone, help kids social distance, help seniors stay at home and exercise daily.


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