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Four City Council Candidates Answer The Observer's Questions


October 8, 2020


Follwing are responses to an Observer questionnaire from the four candidates seeking two seats on the Kimball City Coucil in the Nov. 3 general election.

The order of their responses is presented in this report alphabetically, according to the first letter of each candidate's last name.


1. Briefly tell us about yourself, your background, your previous public service experience and why you are running for city council. 

I was born and raised in Kimball.  I graduated in 1978 from Kimball County High School and attended a business college in Lincoln. I have been married to Todd since 1984 and we have 3 grown kids and 4 grandkids. I am involved in our family farm, my church, the after-school program, and in the community.  I was the Chamber director on two different occasions.  I was inspired to community service by some of the best as a young woman – Joel Wiens, Jim Prince, Max Revell, Judie Brighton, Bev Hisey, Bill Batterton, Karen Robinson, and the Abramsons, along with my parents.  I believe in being part of the solution and working for the good of this community I LOVE!  I chose to run as I have been asked by so many to please stay on an be their voice.  I work for the citizens and always listen. 

2. In your opinion, what makes a good city council member and what qualities do you have that will make you a good city council member?

I feel I am a good candidate as I have experience, my knowledge of this community and that I am open and accessible to the citizens.  I am not afraid to try new ideas or work for the best of the most.  Kimball is the best place to live, work, make a difference, and grow old.  We just need to blow our own horn more.  We need to stay true to what we have, support local, and make doing business in Kimball as seamless as possible.  

3. How should Kimball's city government proceed with its ongoing search for a city administrator? 

Form a citizen's panel to review the applications and be part of the process.  Include youth, business leaders, a school representative, and the public at large to hear what the public wants and then take it to the council for interview.  I think we need to use our people – they are the ones we serve. This need not to be a committee of more than 5 or 6, but I feel this would give us a whole new perspective.  We should be open to perhaps a new direction in the role and be creative in possibilities.  

4. What area would you prioritize in the city budget?

Work hard to do more with less.  Be diligent in our sinking funds line items to save for those "big ticket" items.  I so believe all our supervisors and staff do a great job of preserving and maintaining what we have but we should never fall behind and try to play "catch up" – PLAN PLAN PLAN!

5. As preparations gear up for the re-construction of the missile bases, how specifically should Kimball be preparing? 

Work hard to stay current on our communication with those putting in the work.  Form several teams to help WELCOME and SERVE their needs while they are residents of our town and this area. Years back when the windmills were being erected on the boarder, we had a great plan – this was the brain child of Anne Warner and it worked.  We (many from the then business boosters' group) took out donuts and coffee to the workers and we just talked to them – got their needs and took them back to the community – it was  great way to open that door and make sure it was a win win.  This is grass roots, small town hospitality at its best...we can try to model something like that again.  HOUSING – we need to have access to all types of housing.  We need to work with the school, hospital, retail sector, and the entire area to create an ongoing positive outlook for our town. Choose to be part of the solution by working together for the common good.


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