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1 Week, 7 COVID Cases In County

One Case Reported To Have Recovered

Thursday, Oct. 1, Kimball County residents discovered that COVID-19 has revisited the county with Panhandle Public Health District reporting two cases – one community spread and one close contact.

Local rumors had proceeded the official COVID-19 numbers from PPHD, and then on Monday, Oct. 5, another five cases of COVID-19 were reported to have infected the county through the community spread method.

According to Jessica Davies at PPHD, “Community spread just means we were unable to determine where they contracted COVID as opposed to close contact, where we knew they had contracted it from close contact from someone else.”

One of the earlier two cases has recovered. That left six active cases in the county as of Tuesday, Oct. 6.

Davies continued, “As for Kimball County, just a reminder to take all increased precautions as counties move into yellow on the risk dial and are nearing orange overall.”

The COVID Risk Dial has gradually over the past few weeks moved higher in the moderate range. The dial is very close to the high category. The Risk Dial is updated every Monday.

Nebraska, as a whole, is experiencing an uptick in COVID-19 cases just like the Panhandle.

People are reminded to wash their hands regularly, social distance and wear a mask for the safety of others.