Observations all along the line - Kimball & the Southern Panhandle First

Yard Of The Week

While out for your nightly COVID-19 walk, bike or drive, check out 6 Crestwood Drive in Kimball.

The front yard of Greg and Penny Stull's is picture perfect, but Greg insists the backyard is prettier.

The yard has a variety of flowers, including impatiens, day lilies, rose bushes, petunias, ficus, hydrangeas, sweet William, lantana, columbines, dianthus and many other varieties of flowers.

Contributing to the planting and watering chores are the Stull grandkids.

Pictured, from left, are Bentley Stull, Yard of the Week Award presenter Heather Entingh, Addy Stull, Dahlia Engel, Greg and Penny St...