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Team Mates Tourney Aces It; Daum On ESPN

The annual Kimball Chapter of the Team Mates fundraising Golf Tournament was held this past Saturday at the Four Winds Golf Course and, according to Stephanie Kitchens, the program coordinator, it was a huge success.

“This was one of our best tournaments we have had by a long shot,” she said.

A total of 24 four-person teams participated and enjoyed the beautiful Four Winds course on a near perfect weather day.

This year’s winning team that shot 57 to walk away with the top prize was Vicky Brown, Andrew Brown, Aaron Osborn and Terry Osborn.

Three teams had the identical score of 60 for the next three places, which had to be decided by a scorecard playoff. The team of Henry Heeg Sr., Jack Stafford, Chuck Christensen and Lloyd Howard were awarded second place. The team of Dale Glessman, Stacey Sorensen, Jim Mount and Kent Steffens finished third, and the fourth place team was also an out of town team that provided only last names of Ellwanger, Huston, Lerma, and Carmady.

Vince’s Corner Tourney

The next tournament for the Four Winds is usually the largest of the year and it is the Vince’s Corner tournament set for July 11-12. Henry Heeg said this will be the 11th year since he originated the popular event, and he said it will be limited to 136 golfers simply to cut down on the playing time, and to get golfers off the course in at least 6 hours each day. If interested, call Henry at Vince’s Corner or Chad Wise at the Pro Shop. Henry always keeps an alternate list in case of call-in cancellations.

Glo Ball Tourney

Another event upcoming at the Four Winds is the July 18th Cross Country Glo Ball Tournament. At this event, golfers play nine holes in daylight, halt play to eat, and then play nine more holes in the dark. Lots of fun! Get signed in.

Dan Lock’s Hole-In-One

Another hole-in-one to report at the Four Winds with Dan Lock getting his ace on hole number 12 on June 23 using a hybrid 5 to ace the 182 yard shot. Clark Alexander and Larry Kerr witnessed the ace. 

Big Mike On ESPN July 4

A note of interest for all of you Mike Daum basketball fans who might like to watch our hometown star in action once again! You can watch Mike in action on ESPN the night of July 4th at 8 p.m. Eastern time (6 p.m. our time).

Mike was recruited by several teams to play in the House of Paign 24-team tournament being held at the Nation Wide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, with the winning team taking home $2 million!

All of the players are ex-college players and Mike will play on a nine-player Illinois team. In the opening game, Mike’s team will face the War Tampa team. The winner of the tournament will have to win four games. The only payoff for Mike comes if they win the tournament.

There will be no fans allowed with the COVID-19 stuff still going on and it affects how the players room and practice and the whole bit.

Mike could be coming back to Kimball to continue his workouts, or maybe Portland. He spent some time at home in Kimball recently and worked out at the local gym. He has signed a return contract with his team in Spain and will return to Spain when, and if, things are allowed to go once again. The only reason he wouldn’t return to Spain for his second season would be if an NBA team came with an offer and bought out his Spain contract.

Panhandle Senior Men Tourney

Kimball hosted the Panhandle Senior Men’s Golf Tournament at Four Winds Golf Course this past Monday with a small turnout of 19 golfers. A very good day for Kimball golfer Tom O’Brien, who won first in low gross with his round of 81.

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