By Daria Anderson-Faden
The Observer 

Exchange Student's Parents Ship 500 Masks From China To Manor


April 16, 2020

For The Observer

Kimball High School foreign exchange student Carina Chen, left, and her parents in China donated surgical masks to the Kimball County Manor. Accepting the masks was director of nursing Sarah Stull, right.

Kimball High School foreign exchange student Carina Chen's parents in Shanghai, China, sent a special package to help Kimball County Manor get through the coronavirus pandemic.

Carina is the foreign exchange student who is living in Kimball with Dawn Hickman, Noah and Bob Hinton. She was telling her parents that some of the employees from the Kimball County Manor were having to wear their masks for more than a day at a time because the supplies were so limited.

Carina said her parents "know some manufacturers" and were able to ship a lot of 500 masks for the manor. Originally they were going to send 1,000, but due to the customs regulations they reduced the number of masks.

The masks that Carina's parents shipped are surgical masks, which are a little less effective than the popular and sought-after N95 masks. Carina said the surgical masks are 70% effective against the corona virus. 

The city of Shanghai, according to Carina, is just about "back to normal," but her parents have still been wearing masks.

She said her parents are back to work, although the schools there have not resumed classes yet.

As a result of Carina's knowledge about masks, she cautioned people, "Don't touch the mask, just use the strings to put it on."


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