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Easter Egg Hunts Come Home

The coronavirus has cancelled the "big" annual Easter Egg Hunt usually held at Kimball High School, but thanks to Dawn Hickman, Bob Hinton and families there will be many "little" Easter egg hunts at Kimball, Bushnell and Dix homes.

This is a great service to the community in this unsettling time, and the tradition of the Easter egg hunt will continue.

This is the fourth year that the Hinton and Hickman families have organized the hunt, but 2020 will be the most unusual and require the most work.

Planning for the hunt started after last year's event, when they purchased candy and received candy donations. Now, they are preparing by stuffing 2,000-3,000 plastic eggs with candy and prizes. Dawn said she still wants to "let the kids enjoy the Easter egg hunt. We might be out until 6 a.m."

The plan this year is to bring the eggs to the kids. On the evening (after the sun goes down) of April 11, Dawn and her herd will make house calls. Organized with a spread sheet, Dawn has names, addresses and number of children at each household.

Already 20 houses have signed up, and they are expecting many more.

There is still time to get your name on the bunny's list. Text Dawn at 308-235-5618. In order to deliver and hide eggs, she will need the address, phone number, along with the yard preference of the front, back or side, number of children and boys or girls.

Although they have about $500 of candy, they are still accepting donations because special prizes will be included in some eggs. If anyone is interested in helping Dawn and company pull off this massive Easter egg job, text her. All this will be done at no charge.

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