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City Of Kimball's Coronavirus Statement

City Administrator Dan Dean provided this statement to the Western Nebraska Observer and the residents of Kimball:

“We, at the City of Kimball, are concerned about the health and wellbeing of the residents and our employees. We urge everyone to follow the precautions of the health community and of the CDC. The CDC Guidelines have been posted on our Facebook page.

“As a provider of essential services such as water, electric, sanitation and law enforcement, we will continue to be open operational. We have amended our procedures at City Hall to help promote best practices for residents and staff alike. We encourage people to drop their utility payments in the drop box next to the front door at City Hall. Please call or email us with your needs. Most issues can be dealt with in this manner.

“The Kimball Library will remain open for the time being. However, the Fitness Center will be closed through April 5. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause patrons.

“While the panic buying does not seem to be as dramatic in Kimball as it is elsewhere, it is still taking place. You are encouraged to purchase what you need, but please be mindful of your neighbors and their needs as well. The recommendations I have heard is for a two-week supply.”