By Tom Southard
The Observer 

K-Town Takedown Attracts 178 Wrestlers


January 9, 2020

The Kimball Wrestling Club held its Federation Wrestling Tournament this past Sunday – the K-Town Takedown – at the Kimball High gymnasium and attracted a large field of 178 wrestlers, according to one of the organizers, Bob Culek.

The parking lots on all sides of the Kimball school were filled with vehicles from near and far!

The Kimball club does a worthy job of handling the tournament in fine fashion and things ran smoothly with all of the matches held, which can be multiplied by three or four times the wrestlers.

A thank you to Hannah Snyder for providing me with the results of the Kimball Wrestling Club entries, which I have reduced down a bit from her extensive and complete listing which included the scores and fall times etc.

A very thorough job Hannah, and again, thank you.

Results below will read name, age, weight, place, team points:

Sapphira Baber, 4 and under, 31-33, 4th, 4.

Decker Culek, 4 and under, 34-35, 1st, 7.

Noah Hinton, 4 and under, 43-52, 1st, 20.

Gunner Laughlin, 4 and under, 43-52, 4th, 4.

Jonathan Rohde, 6 and under, 35-38, 1st, 4.5.

Shayson Howington, 6 and under, 40-40, 3rd, 0.

Barry Baber, 6 and under, 31-33, 4th, 4.

Able Kuhns, 6 and under, 43-46, 4th, 4.

Zaidyn Fisher, 6 and under, 48-52, 4th, 4.

Dakota Rohde, 6 and under, 48-52, 2nd, 10.

Barrett Brown, 6 and under,50-53, 2nd, 12.

Chance Johnson, 6 and under, 50-53, 3rd, 7.

Nash Burback, 6 and under,54-57, 3rd, 8.

Britton Culek, 8 and under, 52-56, 1st, 20.

Christian Soto, 8 and under, 56-59, 1st, 19.

Mason Brown, 8 and under, 56-59, 3rd, 9.

Trajan Johnson, 8 and under, 58-61, 3rd, 9.

Kasyn Snyder, 8 and under, 66-69, 2nd, 12.

Bentley Stull, 8 and under, 80-88, 4th, 4.

Camron McGinnis, 10 and under, 83-87, 2nd, 12.

Ashlynn Kuhns, 12 and under, 64-73, 4th, 4.



The Kimball Wrestling Club also had a limited number of wrestlers take part in the Mitchell Tournament a week earlier.

In results from that tournament, Brayson Atkins was 4th at 6 and under 38-40, Able Kuhns 2nd at 6 and under 43-45, Zaidyn Fisher 3rd at 50-52 6 and under, Chance Johnson 3rd at 6 and under 51-53, Barrett Brown 2nd at– 6 and under 53-58, Jace Reich 3rd at 8 and under 52-54, Trajan Johnson 3rd at 8 and under 54-58, Christian Soto 3rd at 8 and under 56-57, and Ashlynn Kuhns 3rd at 12 and under 65-71.

The Kimball Club will participate in the Scottsbluff Tournament being held this Sunday, and Coach Culek said also that he will take a couple of wrestlers to a Regional Tournament in Colorado this weekend.


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