Sen. Erdman: 'My Work Is Not Done'

District 47 Incumbent Announces Re-Election Intentions


November 7, 2019

State Rep. Steve Erdman, R-District 47

BAYARD - State Sen. Steve Erdman announced his plans Monday to run for re-election to the Nebraska Legislature.

Erdman is a Republican member of the Nebraska Legislature, representing District 47. He was first elected in 2016.

During Erdman's first term in office many citizens shared their concerns and hopes through town hall meetings, phone calls, and one-on-one conversation. His office said it is clear that high property taxes have been the major issue for western Nebraska.

Erdman fought for reduced property taxes, and lower government spending. He is ready to continue his fight.

"It is obvious that property taxes are first and foremost on people's minds," he said. "I hear the frustration that people have with the lack of action taken by the Legislature to deal with these problems.

"There is a property tax burden on all property owners – whether residential, commercial or agricultural. I have listened to the concerns and ideas of many western Nebraskans who have come to me. My work is not done."

There are many other issues the legislature also will face over the next four years.

Erdman's office said he has worked hard building relationships within the legislature for the betterment of the people in Nebraska. He has served on the Committees on Committees, Education, Agriculture, Appropriations and Rules Committee during his first term.

He is working with legislators in Wyoming and Nebraska and officials in the irrigation district to do everything possible to secure funding for the necessary repairs as well as maintenance on the collapsed Gering to Ft. Laramie-Goshen irrigation tunnel that delivers water in western Nebraska.

"When I am not fretting over the state budget, property tax relief and agricultural land valuation reform, I often find myself helping people solve difficult problems and improving their situation in life." Erdman said. "It is an honor to represent the people of the 47th legislative district in the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature."

Erdman was unanimously elected in 2016 by all 10 counties in District 47. He bases his representation on traditional values of common sense, faith and family.

Erdman and his wife, Cathy, live in Bayard. They have three married sons and nine grandchildren.


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