Observations all along the line - Kimball & the Southern Panhandle First

Tough Enough Cowboys

11th Annual Kimball Ranch Rodeo Finished A Little Wet

The winners of the 11th Annual Kimball Ranch Rodeo placed first in only one event and outpaced the runner-up team by just 10 seconds in total time. JDS Livestock placed overall first but only won the trailer loading event. JDS placed second in team tying and branding and doctoring but slipped to third in the wild cow milking. JDS Livestock included the following members Denum Santero, Clayton Symons, Denton Reener, and Ty Chasek.

Second place overall was Flying Bit Ranch, otherwise known as the Sterkle team from the Bridgeport area, with Casey Sterkel, Clint Sterkel, Jordan Sterkel and Tanner...

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