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Underpass Update: It's Up To Mother Nature

Last week the contractor poured  the southeast and northeast paved swale that will be part of the decorative features between the rock slope and the new sidewalk - as well as completing the southeast sidewalk curb and pouring several pedestrian rail posts. 

The roadway curb was removed and replaced on the northeast side of the bridge. 

The headwalls were formed and poured on the northeast and southeast slope, and finish grading began on the slopes to prepare to replace the rock slope protection.

This week the contractor wants to begin demolition in the east half of the intersection at Chestnut and Main Street, to begin installation of the new storm sewer and pavement. 

This is all weather dependent.  

Traffic will continue to be controlled with a single lane open controlled by flaggers during the day.  

Main Street will be closed on the east side once pavement removal begins.