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Large and generous grants, awards and donations from the Kimball Public School Foundation to benefit PreK-12 grade students and the community for many years to come. At the May 13 Board of Education regular meeting the Kimball Public School Foundation was recognized for their gracious support of Kimball Public Schools.

2019 Grants and Awards totaled over ninety-seven thousand dollars worth of funds which included a total of eleven thousand five hundred dollars for Chromebooks. Ten thousand dollars for the guidance program-Peace Keeping Circle, twenty thousand dollars for playground equipment for PreK-First grade for age appropriate equipment along with an approved twenty thousand dollar match from the Board. Twenty-seven hundred dollars for Ipads, as well as three hundred dollars for a Cocoon Chair. These five items totaled forty-four thousand and five hundred dollars.

The remaining fifty-three thousand dollars was granted for the Auditorium Renovation-lights project. The Board of Education approved an additional fourteen thousand dollars toward the renovation as well.

“These projects will benefit our students and community for years to come. The foundation is excited to do these things for the school, as well as the many scholarships we award annually,” said Greg Robinson, Foundation Member.

Funds for the auditorium project were graciously donated by the Lillian Dringman Trust that was dedicated towards the Fine Arts program.

Two additional amounts were donated by a anonymous donor in the amounts of thirty-two thousand dollars and fifty-two thousand dollars.

Robinson says the anonymous donations were dispersed due to the generous grantor having a sort of IRA or retirement fund that was not drawn before the grantor reached the age of seventy and a half years old. Once that age is hit the grantor is required to make a minimum withdrawal yearly. Both the thirty-two thousand and fifty-two thousand dollar donations were the minimum amount required to be withdrawn.

“This is a unique way to give back while you are still living. Most of the time we see memorial funds set up to give back to a specific organization or fund,” added Robinson. While either option is great, this unique chance gives the grantor the the ability to see what is being he or she is contributing to and how it effects our community.

Along with many donations and grants, the Kimball Public School Foundation also awarded a total of ten scholarships to the class of 2019. This year six recipients were awarded the Kimball Public Schools Foundation Scholarship of one thousand dollars each, the six included Madison Wynne, Toby McManigal, Luis Portillo, Tristen Cook, Sheridan Magninnie and Izaac Reuter.

The five thousand dollar scholarship annual Haines Family Scholarship was awarded to Kate Reader. The annual one thousand dollar Todd Hendrickson Scholarship was awarded to Madison Wynne and the thirty-eight hundred dollar annual Rich Tombs Scholarship was awarded to both Jake Jenkins and Jacob Walker, in addition to the numerous other donations to students of Kimball Public Schools.

These generous donations from the Foundation will make large benefits to the PreK-12 students and Kimball community. The Board of Education would like to share their gratitude and appriciation for the wonderful donations and continued support of our students from the Kimball Public School Foundation.


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