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It's The Little Things

In a world of negativity when it comes to raising our children and how the younger generation is raised in a different life, not having to work for things, no manners, along with other ideas that are upsetting to many in older generations. A small speck of light is all we as a community need to keep what faith we have.

As I was headed back to work Tuesday afternoon from dropping my kids off I was sitting at the stop sign across from the Dairy Queen and saw two young girls about 10 and 8 walking home from school. The oldest young lady was up ahead of her younger sister when an elderly man with a walking cane had gotten out of his vehicle to grab some ice cream on this beautiful day. The oldest stopped and turned around and opened the door to wait for the gentleman to head inside the establishment while the younger sister ran ahead to greet him with a big smile.

A small gesture but oh so wonderful to see, how thoughtful and kind. I will admit in this time it is rare to see the younger generation so thoughtful and attentive to the little things. Both young ladies could have been on their phones walking or just too busy to stop, but raised right, with the appreciation and respect for our elders they showed that not all is bad in the world even if it was for just a short minute.

It’s the little things in life that make the world go round, and make us realize what a great community we do live in. If it’s your neighbor kids that bring your child home when he falls and hurts him self. A benefit for a community member who has been injured or has fallen on hard times, the young ladies that made it a point to stop and brighten someones day with a cheerful smile and a heartfelt gesture. Or the “Easter Eggs” (colored golf balls in a egg carton) that our own Tom Southard brought in for my son. There are many positives to see in this world, even a hint or as small as they may seem, it is the little things in life worth cherishing.

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