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Liver And Onions: A Treat

Liver and onions was on the menu as Shirley Whartman stepped up to get her meal.

Over 45 lunches of liver and onions were served at the Kimball Senior Citizens Center on Wednesday, March 28. Liver and onions is one of the most popular meals served by the Office of Aging of Western Nebraska, according to cooks Teresa Lockwood and Eileen Rowley.

Other popular meals are chicken fried steak and pork cutlets.

Liver and onions lover, Shirley Whartman said, "My husband wouldn't eat it, so I never fixed it at home. I like it. We had a lot of liver growing up on the farm. Fresh liver after we butchered was the best."

Greta Shoenemann piped in: "You don't know what you're missing. Either you hate it or you love it, no middle ground."

Anyone over 60 years of age can eat for the reduced price of $4.00.