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Ag School Program Eyed For Ag-Based Potter, Dix Areas

Due to weather conditions, the Potter-Dix School Board postponed its regular meeting and rescheduled it for Saturday, March 16. The first order of business for the board was to hear presentations about an agricultural program for the students. The Agricultural Education Department and the FFA gave presentations.

According to interim Superintendent Greg Brenner, the board has been discussing the need for an ag program for the past few months.

“To be honest, Potter, Dix, and the surrounding communities are agricultural based communities. When you have an ag-based community, you try to do things to get kids opportunities to be involved in not only farming and ranching, but there is agri-business, sales, and a variety of other occupations in the ag industry. We are really concentrating on leadership.” Brenner said.

The decision to add an ag program will be decided at either a special board meeting or at the next regular board meeting in April. Brenner continued, “We have had positive feedback (for this program) from the community.”

In other school board business, a new and improved Vision Statement and Mission Statement were accepted by the board.

“The vision of Potter-Dix Schools is to empower the citizens of the future with the ability to communicate effectively, think critically, and be creative to improve themselves and society.”

While the mission statement is: “The mission of Potter-Dix Schools is to create a learning environment centered around students, directed by administration, guided by teachers, and supported by home and community.”

In other business the school board accepted the resignation of long-time elementary teacher Kristin Kasten. She taught at Potter-Dix for 27 years, 20 years at the first grade level and seven years at the third grade level. Additional duties in her time at Potter-Dix have included assistant coach for girls basketball, volleyball, one-acts, and speech. She also served as school improvement chairman for the past 11 years. Kasten has accepted a job with the Educational Service Unit.

The board, in a 4-1 vote, opted not to renew the contract of the Principal Jane Brown. Board member Keri Mendoza was the only no vote, while Bryan Herboldsheimer was absent. Brown has been the principal at the junior high and high school for the past three years. She previously had been at Callaway school for seven years.

On March 21, a board retreat was held at the Potter site, discussion items included the Ag program and the need to adopt new policies, for the board, teachers, and students.No action was taken during this retreat.

As of January 2019, the Potter-Dix School board has three new members: Linda Shoemaker, Keri Mendoza, and Joe Nicklas. Other members are: Tim Maas, Royce McConnell, and Bryan Herboldsheimer.

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