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Job Rate Better Here Than Across Neb., U.S.

Kimball County Unemployment Rate Drops To 2.5%, But Banner Up To 3.7%

Kimball County fares well when it comes to unemployment rates across Nebraska and the United States.

The latest State Department of Labor figures show the county’s unemployment rate at 2.5 percent for November – an improvement from 2.7 percent in October and better than the statewide and national rates.

Here’s the county’s statistical breakdown for November and October:

• Total labor force: 2,027 in November; 2,000 in October.

• Employed: 1,976 in November; 1,947 in October.

• Unemployed: 51 in November; 53 in October.

• Unemployment rate: 2.5 percent in November; 2.7 percent in October.

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