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Happy New Year! Say You Want A Resolution?

Say you want a resolution?

Well, they’re not for everybody, but plenty of well-intentioned people will at least start the New Year with one as they try to put their best foot forward into the great unknown of 2019.

With up to 92 percent of Americans doomed to fail at keeping their New Year’s resolutions, the personal-finance website WalletHub has compiled a report on “2019’s Best & Worst Cities for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions.”

No, Kimball wasn’t considered for the list due to its size, but here are some rankings of regional cities that might interest you. Of 182 listed cities, Denver lands at 22, Lincoln 46, Omaha 47 and Cheyenne 105.

First place went to San Francisco, last to Gulfport, Miss.

As for Western Nebraska, here’s a sampling of some resolutions that the Observer’s Dakota Kuhns and Amy Rozelle gathered from residents of Kimball and nearby areas.

My New Year’s resolution is to finally get the “KimBall” off the drawing board and a business plan put into motion. Been working on it for a while. Time is right to make it happen. Let’s make 2019 a year Kimballites never forget … Cheers and may the BEST of 2018 be the worst you encounter in the NEW YEAR!

Ed Avila

This year has been a great year to get accomplishments done. In the new year, I need to practice putting work down at the end of the day and spend more quality time with my kids.

Christy Warner

My New Year’s resolution is to enjoy more of life.

Diana Quicke

This coming year I will eat healthier, get more exercise ... Ha ha, like that will last!

Nikki Kilgore

My resolution for this New Year is to encourage the community to support their local businesses more.

Keith Prunty

My New Year’s resolution is one of many – to of course become a healthier and better me, but also to strive harder to manage my time better and to take and make time to give my kids and husband the extra attention they deserve.

Dakota Kuhns

My New Year’s resolution for 2019 is to be a better father.

Robert O’Brien

I want to do well in school and continue to make others be happy in life.

Austen Rozelle

For 2019, my New Year’s resolution is to get straight A’s in the second semester!

Keara O’Brien

My “New Me” New Year’s resolution is just that. I want to find my better self to ensure my family and loved ones around me can enjoy and love the better me also! To love wholeheartedly and appreciate the good souls that surround me day in and day out (and maybe get married!). I Love You, Trenton!

Amy McKinney

My New Year’s resolution is to spend more time connecting with my family. Also to make more time and cherished memories with my fiance’.

Trent Hill

Dakota Kuhns, Amy Rozelle and Jim Orr contributed to this report.