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BPW considers windfarm land lease

As the new Kimball Wind Farm nears completion, the Board of Public Works reviewed a land lease contract for the wind farm substation, to be placed adjacent to the City of Kimball’s south substation.

The land, a one-acre parcel, was paid for by Kimball Windfarm LLC., but was acquired in the City of Kimball’s name.

“Kimball Windfarm folks approached us and they asked us to secure a piece of land, take title to it and lease it to them for their substation,” Kimball City Administrator Dan Dean said. “They paid for all the expense to subdivide and get the land into our name, but in return, they would like to have a lease on it.”

Following a review by City Attorney Kent Hadenfeldt, a revised contract was sent to Kimball Windfarm, LLC., for approval.

“I discussed (the revised contract) with (Kimball Windfarm) briefly and they said they did not expect to have any major tweaks, only a couple of minor ones,” Dean added.

Dean asked the board to approve the draft and appoint him to okay any minor changes for the company, allowing the process to move forward as quickly as possible.

“What are we holding up if we don’t?” board member Gregg Fossand asked.

Dean replied that the company will also have agreements to make with WAPA, but he added that he is unsure if a delay in this agreement will delay any future agreements.

The board tabled the matter until Kimball Windfarm, LLC., returns the contract with any further revisions.

Along the same lines, the board approved upgrades to protect transformers at the south substation.

“When we did the south substation upgrade this was one of the items that did not get completed, because of time,” Bill Hinton, City of Kimball Electric Superintendent, said. “We are adding a 115/30 megawatt wind farm and do not have this. I feel it is pretty important that we get this protection on.”

LaDale Besler, of Electro-Test and Maintenance, Inc., will be building and installing the necessary upgrades and the current budget will allow for the expense.

“What he is going to do is fabricate all this in South Dakota, so when he comes down he can put it in place and do some of the wiring,” Hinton said.

The board also approved groundwater sampling for the Kimball Landfill, to be completed by Environmental Engineering, LLC.

“They seem to be pretty thorough,” Jim Schulte said.

The company has done groundwater sampling in the past and the board approved a two-year contract for the service.

The next Board of Public Works meeting is scheduled for 4:15 p.m., on March 20, prior to the 6 p.m. joint Board of Public Works/City Council meeting.

“I anticipate having the bids back for the landfill and we may consider the bonding at that time as well,” Dean concluded.

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