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November 30, 2017

Dakota Kuhns/Western Nebraska Observer

The Nebraska Statewide Radio System is a must for all Sheriff's departments along Interstate 80 in the state of Nebraska, according to Kimball County Sheriff, Harry Gillway, and Kimball is now one of many using the state-of-the-art system.

The State of Nebraska made it clear that all Sheriff's departments along I-80 needed to be using this new system, with an out-of-pocket cost around $10,000 each. However, the state paid for them, meaning Kimball County didn't see any of cost for purchasing the new radios.

This new system, unlike any the county has had before, boasts crystal clear transmission and the ability to use it absolutely anywhere in the state.

"We can talk on our handheld portable from the prison in Lincoln back here to Kimball just perfectly," said Sheriff Gilway.

During a recent demonstration, Gillway was able to connect with KCSO Deputy Anthony Osborn from inside the Sheriff's office and again with Gillway's portable radio, and Osborn, who was just outside of Kearney, was able to hear everything coming through just fine from here at home.

Along with crystal clear audio, this new system increases safety. "Officer safety is first and foremost," Gillway said. This system has a emergency button that, when pressed, will connect with the Nebraska State Patrol and transmit the location where more help is needed.

The Kimball Sheriff's Office has had this new system for about four weeks now and it was already been put to great use several weeks ago, during the search for Elijah Dunning of Commerce City, Colo.

Dunning had fled from the Nebraska State Patrol, making his way through several Panhandle counties along I-80. The KCSO used the new state-wide system to stay in constant contact with the State Patrol as well as Cheyenne County Sheriffs.

The new system doesn't replace the old system it just adds a better layer, according to Gillway.

According to Gillway there is hope that the Kimball Police Department will be receiving this new system in the near future.


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