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Roughing It


November 2, 2017

As a kid I loved Halloween like just about every kid, but my sister and I were the ones who never, ever had store bought costumes.

My mom made us a costume every single year, most of the time she had our costume already picked out before we could even decide what we wanted to be. It wasn’t such a bad thing though, but of course, when I was younger I wanted to be something everyone else was going as, or having the same costume as everyone in my class. As I got older, the more the idea grew on me, hey this isn’t such a bad deal I’d think to myself. Everyone always loved my costumes, and had such great things to say about them, plus I was never wearing anything any one else would.

Well lets just say that has been passed on to my kids. Grandma, my mom, normally makes all the costumes and they are, of course not, your average Halloween costumes.

But this year I have been so busy I kept forgetting to decide with the kids what we were going to be, so Ashlynn and Able decided they were going to be zombies. Then dad decided he would take care of that, which is fine by me, because I am not all about the bloody costumes anyway.

But of course ,like every other year, like the past 26, my mom made my costume!

I don’t think she will stop doing this for my sister and me and the grandkids.I know my sister is really missing having her make a costume this year, she had a post on Facebook this morning about how much she missed it, and was upset because mom wasn’t helping her get ready today. I guess that is another one of the little things she never thought about when going to Morocco.


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