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Winners of the 2017 Farmers Day Baby Photo Contest

Newborn to 11 months:

1st: Jessalyn Snyder, daughter of Dillon and Hannah Snyder

2nd: Oliver Fish, son of Josephine Fish

3rd: Liam Young, son of Chantel Clark and Yancy Young

12-20 months:

1st: Kaci Markum, daughter of Craig & Karissa Markum

2nd: Asher Frederick, son of Shawna Cleveland and Brandon Frederick

3rd: Gabriela Sharples, daughter of Lourdes and Steven Sharples

21-36 months:

1st: Charlee Vrbas, daughter of Farris and Aubrey Vrbas

2nd: Avery Soto, daughter of Courtney Vyhnalek and Efrain Soto

3rd: Roxy Richards, daughter of Jesse and Kristine Richards

The judging results were very clo...