Observations all along the line - Kimball & the Southern Panhandle First

Yard of the Week: 605 S. Webster

Linda Mihm has lived in her quaint Kimball home at 605 S. Webster for 20 years and she has continued to improve on it inside and out since purchasing it.

Linda's lush green lawn showcases two trees, each with their own neatly kept bed.

Gracing the front of Linda's house is a meandering bed featuring purple bayberry bushes and colorful potted plants, as well as, strawberries in a towering trio of large pots.

Her gardens don't just take up land space, they line her front stoop and grow on the side of her home as well, in a gorgeous antique-looking window box.

Her back yard is shaded by several large evergreen trees shading hostas and herbs grow in a garden near her back deck.

Each garden is complete with statuary, garden gates bird baths and garden art made from tea cups and saucers.

Linda's creativity and care certainly show in her welcoming outdoor space, making her this week's Pride of Kimball, Yard of the Week.