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402 N. Chestnut


Tonia Copeland/Western Nebraska Observer

The Portillo family has transformed their property from a dull lot to an inviting space, complete with a lush beautiful lawn, evergreen trees and colorful garden beds.

Tonia Copeland/Western Nebraska Observer

Jorge and Maria Portillo purchased the lot at 402 N. Chestnut just a couple of years ago. They transformed the abandoned, ignored lot into an inviting property.

"When we first moved to the lot, we thought that the yard was just a nasty mess," Jorge said. "It was full of dandelions, thistles, puncture vine and there were ants everywhere."

After the ants were exterminated, the Portillos went to work on the weeds and later laid grass seed and planted tree rows. Asphalt was replaced with sod and flower beds took shape.

"The house looked better," they said.

Now their outdoor space is covered with a soft, lush lawn, with beds of roses and perennials outlined with brick borders to match the red brick and paving stone walkway.

Dozens of growing evergreen trees march along the east and west perimeter, promising summer shade, and a break from the wild western Nebraska wind, in a few short years.

"To maintain the house looking well we water the trees, flowers, and grass regularly. We cut the grass once every 7 - 10 days. We spray the dandelions every two months, put weed and feed once every spring, summer, and fall. We spread grass seed every spring and fall so new grass will come up in the few dry patches. We try to stay off the grass as much as possible on the hot days," they said. "Most importantly we soak up the beautiful small changes we make. Because everything you do makes a difference. Even though you may not see it others will."

Each of the small steps the Portillos have taken are paying off and we are proud to name their property the Pride of Kimball.


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