Potter-Dix and the "President"


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Potter-Dix seniors and third grade students gathered for a lesson in the Legislature.

Third grade teacher at Potter-Dix Elementary school, Kristen Kasten, paired with Potter-Dix High School social studies teacher, Ryan Coffey to present youngsters with a lesson in the Legislature that they won't soon forget.

When thinking of third-grade appropriate lessons on American government, one might question how much is too much, but these two teachers taught just such a lesson easily, by enacting the branches of government.

According to Kasten, the third grade students were the legislature and the senate was portrayed by seniors at Potter-Dix.

The two bodies met at the High School library for a formal luncheon, catered by The Potter Sundry, and work session where they presented bills and made amendments.

Kasten said that in addition to learning how the branches enact laws, students also learned table manners and how to debate respectfully and how to get along with others whose opinions differ.

Each bill that was introduced was either passed or vetoed by "President" Coffey.

According to Kasten, one of her students asked, "When we are seniors can you still do this?"


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