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Friends and Neighbors: Dan Dean

Just one short week on the job and Kimball's new City Administrator, Dan Dean, has jumped in feet first and with a broad smile described his first day, Wednesday, Feb. 1, as full of meetings.

"I got right into the middle of things with some very long meetings for much of the day," he said. "That's just fine, just get right in and figure out what is going on."

But don't expect to find him stuck behind his desk all the time, as Dean plans to be involved in community events and civic organizations as well.

He is a pilot, but is not current, as the demands of his career have taken a priority, and as previously reported, Dean enjoys refereeing basketball games, something he hopes to do in Kimball soon.

"Not only do I referee basketball. I play basketball when I can find a game," he said. "I do enjoy getting out into the community. I have been a member of the Rotary in a lot of communities."

Dean comes to Kimball with plenty of experience managing small, rural towns in western Nebraska and eastern Colorado.

"I was a circuit rider town manager for Peetz, Fleming, Crook and Iliff (all in Colorado)," he said. "That was in the mid 80s, so I got acquainted with the area then."

Though he did not know former City Administrator Daniel Ortiz, Dean said that he hopes to continue with the same high level of professionalism here in Kimball.

"I hope to help the community focus on its future and how it wants to continue," he added. "I'm excited to be here, working with the community and being active with the community."

Dean will soon be joined by his wife, Cindy, and in the meanwhile he has begun exploring his new hometown and has engaged in a bit of house hunting.

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