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Keno money for kids and more


More than $5,000 in Keno money was requested, and subsequently dispersed during the Jan. 17, 2017 Kimball City Council meeting, most of which will be used to help the youth of the area.

Chari Mohr requested a Keno grant of $2,500 on behalf of the 2017 Post Prom Committee at the meeting.

Kimball’s prom will be on April 8, in the gym with the post prom activities held in the high school as well. The total cost for post prom activities are projected at $6,000. Currently the committee is tallying up grocery receipts and two fund raisers have been held.

The requested money will be used for food, prizes, and entertainment costs for the celebration for approximately 150 students including sophomore servers, juniors, seniors and their dates.

“That runs approximately from midnight to three in the morning,” Mohr said. “It is just another activity for the students on that evening to keep them in a safe environment so they are not out after hours.”

Council approved full amount requested.

Kimball sophomore Kaden Adrian requested $1,000 in Keno funds as he strives to represent Kimball and the state of Nebraska as an Ambassador Across Nebraska, music ambassador.

Nominated by band director Kristi Hiles-Smith, Adrian will travel with approximately 200 band and choir students.

“Young musicians across all of the states are nominated by their directors, they rehearse music all together, then they tour around Europe performing in all the different cities and venues, basically sharing our world with them,” Adrian said. “England, France, Italy and Germany are the main stops and the total cost is about $6,000.”

Adrian, a trumpeter, said he has applied for several other grants as well, and will continue applying for others. Council unanimously approved the full amount Adrian requested and wished him well as he represents Kimball.

“We really are just ambassadors of music,” he said. “I saw the opportunity as a wonderful learning experience.”

The third and final Keno request of the night came from Sonny Porter, local business owner and president of the Kimball Lion’s Club. Porter sought a $2,000 Keno grant to continue providing services for the community. The local Lion’s Club, the oldest in the state, provides for students, the elderly, the sick and others.

“We put some backpacks together for children involved in accidents,” Porter said. “We give them to the first responders for when they come across those kids.”

After thanking Porter and the entire club for their support, council approved the entire amount requested, $2,000.

Council also hear a request from Mary Lou Diaz, a previously certified Pilates instructor, to use the Kimball Fitness Center for a Pilates class. Diaz plans to volunteer her time and training and the only cost incurred by those enrolled in the class would be a membership to the Fitness Center. This would increase memberships in the Fitness Center.

Classes are scheduled to begin in March, once Diaz becomes re-certified. Diaz plans to offer the classes on Monday and Wednesday afternoons and Tuesday and Thursday mornings. She has offered the service in Dix in the past, and would like to continue in Kimball.

“It is geared mostly towards senior (citizens),” she said. “It is a free class, but they will have to join the fitness center.”

Council reviewed liability concerns with City Attorney Kent Hadenfeldt and, upon his approval, they approved Diaz’s request unanimously.

Other action taken by the council:

Amended wording in the City of Kimball Municipal Code pertaining to lead solder and flux at the request of the State of Nebraska.

Reviewed the updated City of Kimball Employee Handbook.

Reviewed the City of Kimball Return to Work program.

Approved the Mayor’s appointment of Council President to the Park and Recreation Board by position instead of by name.

Approved the Mayor’s appointment of Council President, and Chief of Police to the Board of Health by position instead of by name.

Approved two Main Street Design and Improvement Grants, one for Best Plumbing and Heating and a second for Triangle Partners d/b/a Phoenix Conoco. Both requests for $4,000 passed the review board.

Approved refunding the Main Street Design and Improvement Grant from Economic Development funds in the amount of $15,000 to bring the total amount in the fund to $15,660.


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