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Oversized load


Although this huge quonset traveled only five miles, it traversed both dirt and paved roads, skimmed under the Interstate 80 overpass, inched up and over a hill of pasture and trudged through a field of cornstalks before coming to rest in its temporary site until spring.

Chris Haack purchased the 30x60 quonset from an auction southeast of Kimball recently but because the size was so large, Z & S Construction had to weld a frame and wheels onto the building for stability and moving purposes.

The event required no less than five men to accomplish Haack's goal of moving the building onto his property. Robert Lee drove the truck, Jerry Dienes ran the loader, Jim Hottell was in charge of the move and two others helped in carrying out the massive move.

The quonset will rest on its wheels until spring. After the weather warms, Haack will have a cement pad poured, the frame and wheels will be removed and the quonset permanently set in place.


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