Observations all along the line - Kimball & the Southern Panhandle First

Boviall places first in Battle of the Thorns' elementary folkstyle division

Youth wrestling is again in full swing and Kimball has two young ladies hitting the mats this year.

The team recently competed at the War of the Roses, Battle of the Thorns event in Colorado.

Sierra (Starr) Boviall led the recent Elementary folkstyle contest for youth in grades 3-5.

Boviall placed first and scored 16 points for the Tri-State Grapplers.

In round one she won by fall over Bralynn Arroyo from RATTLERS Athletics in just 22 seconds.

Boviall followed that quick pin up with a second round pin in 57 seconds over Alejandra Rodriguez, wrestling for the Husker Elite team.

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