LTTE: Chamber choices are disappointing


I was sadly disappointed to read the story on the direction of the Chamber. I mean no offense to anyone but I am having a hard time seeing any benefit in dropping so many programs that brought good to our community.

I realize that the coloring contests and yard of the week are minor and not money makers in the long run but if you look at them with an open eye they really are and can be. And what is wrong with a little community pride, supporting our youth and being a believer and promoter for the area.

And with the sidewalk sales—ok well not so many businesses downtown but did you consider a vendor or home based business addition to this? There are not that many less stores than we have had in the past and the Sidewalk Sale was always a great fun thing.

I probably have too much history with this type of thing to be open minded but just really needed to voice my 2-cents-worth. The 4th of July funding and Parade of Lights need to be done with and at the Chamber…for the people. These events bring people to town to shop, see our community and realize the great little community we have.

So many people wonder, in truth really, what does the Chamber do right now then if not for these events. The Chamber has a good board with wise people so I am sure you are really trying to make it right, but I would suggest you do some “tweaking” to the plan of work. There are people who will help and bring the vibrancy back to the Chamber if asked and allowed to act.

I am not a member and have not been for a few years…just had to rethink my investment as things have changed. Perhaps this too will change and my heart can see the good in what is happening.

I will always and forever be an advocate for this great community and Kimball County but this one I just had to say something about.


Kim Baliman


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