European classic motorcyclists' tour stops for bite in Kimball


Aleta Pearson

Dozens of riders gathered at Kimball's Pizza Hut for a break and some lunch on Monday, July 11. The riders, having just arrived at Denver International Airport earlier in the day, were beginning their Rocky Mountain tour, which takes them north through the Black Hills, across Wyoming into Yellowstone and ends in Estes Park, Colo. - a total of nearly 3,000 miles.

Eighteen riders from Swizerland, Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands stopped in for a late lunch on July 11th at the Kimball Pizza Hut.

Among the riders was editor in chief of Wheelies Magazine and tour director, Eberhard Hermann of Schwäbish Hall, Germany. Wheelies Magazine is considered the only free motorcycle magazine in Europe. Mr. Hermann has been well known for decades in the European motorcycle community and classic motorcycle racing industry. Although this was Hermann's sixth year touring the United States on motorcycle, for many of the riders with him, it was their first trip to America.

Hermann books and leads several tours every year for motorcycle enthusiasts to discover the many beautiful road trips available only in the United States. His customers travel from all over the world because of the unique opportunity he offers them. Hermann and Wheelies offer only the most deluxe Harley Davidson and Indian touring bikes for his customers and fellow tourists. Several alternative guided motorcycle tours are also available, including an 18 day 3,000 mile tour of California, a 3,500 mile 16 day tour of the Grand Canyon, the complete 4,000 mile tour of Route 66, a cross country trip from Orlando, Fla. to L.A., Calif, and of course, the journey they had just begun, the Rocky Mountain tour.

Consisting of mostly men and only a few women, the excited tourists had just arrived the day before from London and had only taken off from Denver that morning. After spending the night in Scottsbluff, the tourists would travel through the Black Hills, across Wyoming, taking in a complete tour of Yellowstone National Park then traveling down through Vernal, Utah, into Steamboat Springs, spending their last night in Estes Park, Colo. They will cover approximately 3,000 miles in just 12 days of riding.


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