KKB embraces and appreciates volunteers as community partnerships continue to grow


Keep Kimball Beautiful (KKB) has cultivated a number of community partnerships in our efforts to impact the local environmental education/stewardship, provide opportunity for recycling, honor nature spaces and promote our community. The Keep Kimball Beautiful Board of Directors consists of six local residents of Kimball, these are volunteers who have agreed to focus our resources and efforts to keep Kimball clean, green and beautiful. These individuals bring their passion and community connection to the ongoing development of programs which promote environmental stewardship, litter prevention & waste management. The generosity of the dynamic women and men of Kimball, Bushnell and Dix has been crucial over these past 35 years with leadership and action. KKB embraces and encourages those who are willing to give time, resources and support to their community. The Kimball Public Schools, local business owners, managers, facility supervisors and households all over Kimball County are adapting their waste practices to encourage more awareness and waste diversion from the landfill.

Every household in Kimball County generates a waste stream, which then becomes our communal responsibility to dispose of properly. The main options for waste management include incineration, recycling, composting and landfilling and all of them cost YOU money. As citizens of Kimball County we are assessed utility fees for the benefit of having a landfill close to our community at which the majority of our waste ends up. In 2012, Keep Kimball Beautiful met with the Board of Public Works and a fee was added to the Utility (Landfill) fees for KKB with the approval and implementation by the Kimball City Council. A steady financial stream was the benchmark which ensured recycling would continue to be provided by KKB, along with our affiliate commitments to environmental education. This financial contribution was the commitment at a resident level for recycling and environmental stewardship be a part of our county Waste Management. These funds were paired with grants to provide the Waste Reduction, Recycling & Public Education for our residents, which we received with the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality. There are state grant funding opportunities when small rural communities show they are committed to the fulfillment of the waste management practices promoted in Nebraska. Local funds, grant funds, contributed resources and volunteers willing to assist are the keys to the succession of these good works. (All ingredients must be organic to ensure quality!)

KKB encourages and cultivates community projects and opportunities for community service. We accept willing participates to volunteer with KKB to fulfill civic duty, support scholarships, honor court appointed service, or because giving back to your community is personally important. KKB is delighted to work with organizations & individuals seeking to accomplish community development projects. Our next community partnership opportunity will be June 4th in the morning from 8-11:30. Keep Kimball Beautiful will be downtown planting flowers for “Grow Big Red” and encouraging participates for the Kimball Litter CleanUp to clear Kimball of debris and litter. (Postponed because of our Spring Snow Storm). ELECTRONICS collection is still for one more month! Please remember to get your electronics down to the KRC for processing before the end of June. In addition, there will be Upcycle Workshops from 9-noon on the first and third Wednesdays of June & July open to elementary students, youth and adults to make creative art from recyclables.


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