Carruthers began cattle company in 2009


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Troy, right, and Brandi Carruthers began their operation in 2009. They are pictured with their two young daughters.

Troy and Brandi Carruthers

started Carruthers Cattle

Company together in 2009.

Troy grew up helping and working

on his parents' family farm, until

he went off to college.

"After college I began a career

as a financial planner with intentions

to return to ranching at some

point," Troy said. "And my parents'

endeavors had changed, so it was

wonderful to have met a girl (his

wife, Brandi) who shared my goals

as was equally excited to jump

in with both feet to purchase our

place together."

Troy added that he continues to

assist clients with their financial

planning in addition to working on

the ranch. He said that the teamwork

with Brandi is "essential" in

accomplishing this work.

The Carruthers have 100 head

of commercial black Angus mother

cows, which are bred to Hereford

bulls by means of artificial insemination

- or A.I. They then follow

that up with putting the Angus

cattle with Hereford herd bulls to

ensure pregnancies.

"We are creating F1 Black

Baldies, where we sell the steer

calves at weaning time and purchase

back an equivalent group of

Baldies heifer calves that will be

grown to maturity with our home

raised heifers," he said. "As yearlings

they will then be A.I.-bred to

a proven calving ease Black Angus

bull and sold as bred heifers."

Carruthers stated they are purely

a ranching operation, and do not

farm their own feed for the cattle.

The daily tasks or chores that

occur on the ranch will vary greatly

with each season, according to

the rancher.

"As mentioned before, our teamwork is

essential, but truly loving all we do doesn't

hurt," said Troy. "We love cattle, we love talking

cattle, we love working cattle, we love the

people in the business and the family time it

allows for. How is it said? If you love what you

do, it's not work? We feel so blessed that God

has provided us with these opportunities and

way of life."

The Carruthers' mother cows calve starting

in the beginning of May through June, where

they must check, feed, tag and record keep on

the cattle – and both man and wife share these


"This is one of our girls' favorite times of

year," said Troy. "They love to spot cows in

labor or new calves and they love telling all

what this ranch life entails."

Carruthers explains that their daughters

have a few cows of their own that will help pay

for college some day, and said that either one

or both of their girls are there involved in the

daily chores of the ranch.

"Even at the young ages of 3 and 5, our children

have real life experience of life, death,

business and understand that there are times

taking care of all these critters comes before all

else," said Troy. "It has been a wonderful opportunity

to teach them about the sovereign nature

of our great God through it all. They love getting

dirty and being outside. Nothing can compete

with the values they'll learn through selflessness,

responsibility and hard work in what

God has given us."

The rancher explained that because their

calving time is between May and June, that it

has allowed them to custom calve heifers from

January through April.

"These cattle have come from clients we

have bred heifers for the previous year. One

our favorite parts of our business is our A.I.

arm services and seaman sales. Brandi and I

work with Genex. Both of us are certified A.I.

Technicians, and together in our 2015 season

bred 2,000-plus head of cows and heifers.

"A.I. season goes from April to July for

spring calves and October to December for fall

calves. In winter months there are feed and

water chores as well as temporary fence for

winter grazing. Summer months fence maintenance

and water. In each season herd management

including branding, vaccinating and seeing

to it that overall herd health and nutrition

requirements are met."

Troy added that both he and his wife have

responsibilities outside of the ranch work. He

has meetings with his clientele and is required

to spend time in his office. Brandi homeschools

their daughters and takes care of all the book

work for the ranch.

Courtesy Photo

Troy and Brandi Carruthers started their cattle company in 2009.


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